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Can We Come in and Laugh, Too?

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A Corpse in the Soup

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Vanishing Act in Vegas - A Silver Sisters Mystery

The Silver Sisters are at it again~This time in Sin City

Kindle and Paperback

The  latest book in the Silver Sisters Mysteries series, is now available at Amazon and other online booksellers.  Fans of this funny mystery series have been waiting for.a new book, and here it is. But, as they say in TV commercials, "That's not all!" Authors Morgan St. James and Phyllice Bradner are working on the next escapade, DIAMONDS IN THE DUMPSTER, targeting release in late 2016 .

Bumping Off Fat Vinny - Revenge is Sweet

A new crime fiction book from Dennis N. Griffin and Morgan St. James 

Kindle, Paperback and Audio
The authors collaborated on Bella Capo's gripping memoir, LA BELLA MAFIA, but this time it is a funny tale of a murder conspiracy gone wrong and at target who seems to have nine lives.