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Mack Peters enjoys the good life, but it always wasn’t that way. After tragedy struck his family he had backpacked through Europe in a quest for peace of mind. When he returned to the States, the former LAPD cop struck it rich with an ingenuous idea that produced millions of dollars. Now he mainly goes to his mailbox and collects checks. Little did he know that his friend’s suggestion for a road trip to Leavenworth, Washington would lead him to Watson Falls—a small town with a deadly secret.

The morning after his latest nightmare, Mack’s mind was made up. Instead of putting on his uniform, he dressed carefully in khakis and a cream-colored knit shirt, shaved and ran a brush through his thick sun-streaked hair. He fixed on his image in the mirror above the double sinks. Strong chin—his father’s chin—straight nose, a face that could only be described as handsome. However, the hazel eyes that stared back at him had a haunting air of sad determination. They seemed to shout, “I just can’t do it anymore!”

When he arrived at the station that morning, he waved aside questions about his lack of uniform and strode directly to Administration where he requested a Resignation Form 01.50.00. There was no turning back. With that action, Mack walked away from the life he had dreamed of since he was a kid.